[loginf] Termination and Complexity Competition 2019: Call for Participation

Juergen Giesl giesl at informatik.rwth-aachen.de
Thu Jan 31 17:56:10 CET 2019

 *Termination and Complexity Competition 2019*


*Call for Participation*

Since the beginning of the millennium, many research groups developed tools
for fully automated termination and complexity analysis.

After a tool demonstration at the 2003 Termination Workshop in Valencia,
the community decided to start an annual termination competition to spur
the development of tools and termination techniques.

The termination and complexity competition focuses on automated termination
and complexity analysis for all kinds of programming paradigms,
including categories
for term rewriting, imperative programming, logic programming, and functional
programming. In all categories, we also welcome the participation of tools
providing certifiable proofs. The goal of the termination and complexity
competition is to demonstrate the power of the leading tools in each of
these areas.

The competition will be part of TOOLympics 2019 (
https://tacas.info/toolympics.php), an event on April 6-7, 2019 to
celebrate the achievements of various competitions in the field of Program
Analysis or Verification. The TOOLympics event will take place in
connection with the International Conference on Tools and Algorithms for
the Construction and Analysis of Systems (TACAS 2019
<https://conf.researchr.org/track/etaps-2019/tacas-2019-papers>) in Prague
(Czech Republic). The competition will be run on the StarExec platform (
http://www.starexec.org/) shortly before the TACAS conference and the
TOOLympics event.

We strongly encourage all developers of termination and complexity
analysis tools to participate in the competition.  We also welcome the
submission of termination and complexity problems, especially problems that
come from applications.

A category is only run in the competition if there are at least 2
participants and at least 40 examples for this category in the underlying
termination problem data base. If there is no category that is convenient
for your tool, you can contact the organizers, since other categories can
be considered as well if enough participants are guaranteed.

For further information, we refer to the website of the termination
 and complexity competition:

*Important dates*

   - Tool and Problem Submission: March 15, 2019
   - Communication of Initial Results: March 22, 2019
   - Finalization of Results: March 31, 2019
   - Presentation: April 7, 2019
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