[loginf] WPTE 2014: Call for Participation

David Sabel sabel at ki.informatik.uni-frankfurt.de
Mon Jun 2 13:59:43 CEST 2014

                          CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                      First International Workshop on

Rewriting Techniques for Program Transformations and Evaluation (WPTE'14)

                        affiliated with RTA/TLCA 2014
   (a FLoC 2014 workshop, FLoC is part of the Vienna Summer of Logic 2014)

                       13th July 2014, Vienna, Austria



The aim of WPTE is to bring together the researchers working on program
transformations, evaluation, and operationally based programming language
semantics, using rewriting methods, in order to share the techniques and
recent developments and to exchange ideas to encourage further activation
of research in this area.


Note that early registration ends on June 8th!


* Andy Gill
    Invited talk, TBA

* William Mansky and Elsa Gunter
    Verifying Optimizations for Concurrent Programs

* Masanori Nagashima, Tomofumi Kato, Masahiko Sakai and Naoki Nishida
    Inverse Unfold Problem and Its Heuristic Solving

* David Sabel
    Structural Rewriting in the Pi-Calculus

* Guillaume Madelaine, Cedric Lhoussaine and Joachim Niehren
    Attractor Equivalence: An Observational Semantics for Reaction Networks

* Naoki Nishida, Makishi Yanagisawa and Karl Gmeiner
    On Proving Soundness of the Computationally Equivalent Transformation
    for Normal Conditional Term Rewriting Systems by Using Unravelings

* Manfred Schmidt-Schauss and David Sabel
    Contextual Equivalences in Call-by-Need and Call-By-Name
    Polymorphically Typed Calculi (Preliminary Report)

* Yuki Chiba
    Verifying the Correctness of Tupling Transformations based on
    Conditional Rewriting

* Karl Gmeiner and Naoki Nishida
    Notes on Structure-Preserving Transformations of
    Conditional Term Rewrite Systems

* Georg Moser and Michael Schaper
    A Complexity Preserving Transformation from Jinja Bytecode
    to Rewrite Systems

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