[loginf] DKB2013 - Call for papers

Christoph Beierle Christoph.Beierle at FernUni-Hagen.de
Mon Apr 8 17:20:45 UTC 2013

                          Call for Papers:

                           4th Workshop on

                 Dynamics of Knowledge and Belief


    organized by the FG "Wissensrepraesentation und Schliessen" of the GI
in cooperation with DFG Priority Program on New Frameworks of Rationality (SPP 1516)

                         Workshop at KI-2013,
           36th German Conference on Artificial Intelligence,
 		September 16-20, 2013, Koblenz, Germany


Information for real life AI applications is usually pervaded by uncertainty
and subject to change, and thus demands for non-classical processing. A rich
palette of methods for uncertain reasoning have been developed in the field of
knowledge representation showing its many facets - qualitative vs. 
quantitative reasoning, argumentation and negotiation in multi-agent systems, 
causal reasoning for action and planning, as well as  nonmonotonicity and 
belief revision have become very active fields of research, among many others.

Previous events of the Workshop on Dynamics of Knowledge and Belief took
place in Osnabrueck (2007), Paderborn (2009) and Berlin (2011).
The aim of this series of workshops is to address recent challenges and to
present novel approaches to uncertain reaoning and belief change in their
broad senses, and in particular provide an interdisciplinary forum for 
research work linking different paradigms of reasoning such as work on 
argumentation and belief change, or the usage of uncertain reasoning methods 
in first-order environments, especially for ontologies. The workshops shall 
also foster cross-fertilization  between the area of knowledge representation,
on the one hand, and other disciplines such as philosophy and psychology, 
on the other hand.

We welcome papers on the following and any related topics:

     * knowledge representation in theory and practice
     * belief revision and belief update
     * nonmonotonic and uncertain reasoning
     * learning and knowledge discovery in data
     * argumentation theories
     * decision theory and preferences
     * ontologies and description logics
     * agents and multiagent systems
     * action and change

Important Dates:
      Deadline for Submission:   June 25, 2013
      Notification of Authors:   August 06, 2013
      Final Versions of Papers:  August 27, 2013
      Workshop:                  September 17, 2013 (exact workshop day
                                                     to be confirmed)
      Conference: 		September 16-20, 2013

Workshop Organizers and Co-Chairs:
      Gabriele Kern-Isberner, Technische Universitaet Dortmund
      Christoph Beierle, FernUniversitaet in Hagen

Program Committee:
Franz Baader, TU Dresden, Germany
Piero Andrea Bonatti, University of Napoli, Italy
Gerd Brewka, Universitaet Leipzig, Germany
Francois Bry, LMU Muenchen, Germany
Thomas Eiter, TU Wien, Austria
Eduardo Ferme, Universidade da Madeira, Funchal, Portugal
Andreas Herzig, Universite Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France
Kristian Kersting, Fraunhofer IAIS, Universitaet Bonn, Germany
Markus Knauff, Universitaet Giessen, Germany
Gerhard Lakemeyer, RWTH Aachen, Germany
Thomas Meyer, CSIR Meraka & University of KwaZulu-Natal, ZA
Carsten Lutz, Universitaet Bremen, Germany
Marco Ragni, Universitaet Freiburg, Germany
Sebastian Rudolph, Karlsruher Institut fuer Technologie, Germany
Klaus Dieter Schewe, Software Competence Center Hagenberg (SCCH), Austria
Gerhard Schurz, Universitaet Duesseldorf, Germany
Matthias Thimm, Universitaet Koblenz-Landau, Germany
Hans Tompits, TU Wien, Austria
Stefan Woltran, TU Wien, Austria

Paper Submission and Publication:
Paper format and submission details are available at


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