[loginf] Call For Participation: FCS-ARSPA'06 (Workshop on Foundations of Computer Security and Automated Reasoning for Security Protocol Analysis)

Luca Vigano vigano at inf.ethz.ch
Fri Jul 7 14:42:41 CEST 2006


			   Joint Workshop on
		    Foundations of Computer Security
	   Automated Reasoning for Security Protocol Analysis

	       co-located with LICS'06 as part of FLoC'06
		     Seattle, August 15 - 16, 2006


                    *** CALL FOR PARTICIPATION ***

Computer security is an established field of computer science of both
theoretical and practical significance. In recent years, there has been
increasing interest in logic-based foundations for various methods in
computer security, including the formal specification, analysis and
design of security protocols and their applications, the formal
definition of various aspects of security such as access control
mechanisms, mobile code security and denial-of-service attacks, and the
modeling of information flow and its application to confidentiality
policies, system composition, and covert channel analysis.

The workshop FCS-ARSPA'06 is the fusion of two workshops. The workshop
FCS continues a tradition, initiated with the Workshops on Formal
Methods and Security Protocols (FMSP) in 1998 and 1999, then with the
Workshop on Formal Methods and Computer Security (FMCS) in 2000, and
finally with the LICS satellite Workshop on Foundations of Computer
Security (FCS) in 2002 through 2005, of bringing together formal methods
and the security community. The ARSPA workshop is the third in a series
of successful workshops on Automated Reasoning for Security Protocol
Analysis, bringing together researchers and practitioners from both the
security and the formal methods communities, from academia and industry,
who are working on developing and applying automated reasoning
techniques and tools for the formal specification and analysis of
security protocols.

The aim of the joint workshop FCS-ARSPA'06 is to provide a forum for
continued activity in these areas, to bring computer security
researchers in closer contact with the LICS community, and to give LICS
attendees an opportunity to talk to experts in computer security. 


- Andy Gordon  (Microsoft Research)
  Provable Implementations of Security Protocols
  (Lics invited talk)

- Martin Abadi  (University of California at Santa Cruz)
  Access Control in a Core Calculus of Dependency


- Veronique Cortier, Graham Steel
  On the Decidability of a Class of XOR-based Key-management APIs

- Mathieu Jaume, Charles Morisset
  Towards a formal specification of access control

- Amit Walvekar, Manasi Kelkar, Melanie Smith, and Rose Gamble
  Determining Conflicts in Interdomain Mappings for Access Control

- Massimo Benerecetti, Nicola Cuomo, and Adriano Peron
  Timed HLPSL for specification and verification of time sensitive protocols

- Matthias Anlauff, Dusko Pavlovic, Richard Waldinger, and Stephen Westfold
  Proving Authentication Properties in the Protocol Derivation Assistant

- Long Nguyen, Bill Roscoe
  Efficient group authentication protocols based on human interaction

- Alan Jeffrey, Ruy Ley-Wild
  Dynamic Model Checking of C Cryptographic Protocol Implementations

- Jonathan Millen, Joshua Guttman, John Ramsdell, Justin Sheehy, and
  Brian Sniffen
  Call by Contract for Cryptographic Protocols

- DongGook Park, Colin Boyd, Byoungcheon Lee, and Hwankoo Kim
  Responsibility and Credit: New Members of the Authentication Family?

- Romain Janvier, Yassine Lakhnech, and Laurent Mazare'
  Relating the Symbolic and Computational Models of Security Protocols
  Using Hashes

- Philippe Balbiani, Yannick Chevalier, and mounira kourjieh
  Reasoning about Actions and Obligations

- Prateek Gupta, Vitaly Shmatikov
  Key confirmation and adaptive corruptions in the protocol security logic

- Johannes Borgstroem, Simon Kramer, and Uwe Nestmann
  Calculus of Cryptographic Communication

- Aybek Mukhamedov, Mark Ryan
  On Asynchronous Multi-party Contract-Signing

- Chamseddine Talhi, Nadia Tawbi, and Mourad Debbabi
  Execution Monitoring Enforcement Under Memory-Limitation Constraints

- A. Prasad Sistla, Min Zhou
  Analysis of Dynamic Policies 

Further information about registration and accomodation can be found on 
the workshop's webpage

We hope to see you all in Seattle!

Pierpaolo Degano, Ralf Kuesters, Luca Vigano`, Steve Zdancewic  
(FCS-ARSPA'06 co-chairs)

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