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Call for Participation

   ICCL Summer School 2006
   Technische Universität Dresden
   June 24 - July 8, 2006 


   The topic of this year's summer school is
   It is common wisdom that the still growing power of
   digital data processing greatly enhances the wealth of
   human knowledge and will continue to do so. A
   precondition for this is, however, that knowledge is
   encoded and represented in a computer-accessible manner,
   such that it can be algorithmically processed. This
   requires, in turn, the use of appropriate formal
   structures for knowledge representation and knowledge
   processing. Such structures, called `Knowledge
   Structures', will be the topic of this year's ICCL summer
   school. There are many approaches to this topic ranging
   from formal logics, to mathematical and data mining
   methods. The summer school's focus is on the following
   three areas:
    -- Logic, with Description Logic and Inductive Logic
    -- Cluster Methodology, with applications to text
       clustering and Semantic Web mining, and
    -- Formal Concept Analysis, with applications to
       Ontologies and Machine Learning.
   The basic ideas of these areas will be introduced and
   discussed, with the aim of providing a broad
   methodological repertoire for future research and

   If you want to attend the summer school, we'd prefer that
   you register by March 18, 2006. 
   (See the online registration on the web page mentioned
   For all who want to apply for a grant, this deadline is
   After March 18, 2006, registration will be possible as
   long as there are vacant places.    
   (Since we intend to restrict participation to about 60
   people, in case of excessive demand, we will have to
   close the registration to the summer school.)

   People applying until March 18, 2006, and applying for a
   grant will be informed about respective decisions on
   grants by end of March 2006.

   We ask for a participation fee of 150 EUR. 


   A limited number of grants may be available, please indicate
   in your application if the only possibility for you to
   participate is via a grant. Applications for grants must
   include an estimate of travel costs and they should be sent
   together with the registration.


   It will be possible for some participants to present
   their research work during a small workshop integrated in
   the summer school. If you would like to do so, please
   register by means of the online workshop registration
   form on the web page mentioned above: (The title of your
   proposed talk, and, in addition, an extended abstract or
   a full paper of at most 10 pages in postscript or pdf
   format must be submit by March 18, 2006.)
   A program committee consisting of the summer school
   lecturers will select among the submissions.
   Notification of acceptance of a talk at the integrated
   workshop will be by April 24, 2006.

   Please note that participation at the summer school is a
   prerequisite for participation at the workshop.


   Finger Exercises in Formal Concept Analysis.
   Bernhard Ganter (Technische Universität Dresden)
   Knowledge, Reasoning, and the Semantic Web.
   Pascal Hitzler (AIFB Universität Karlsruhe)
   Text clustering and Semantic Web mining.
   Andreas Hotho (Universität Kassel)
   Inductive Logic Programming.
   Stefan Kramer (Technische Universität München)
   Cluster Methodology.
   Sabine Krolak-Schwerdt (Universität Saarbrücken)
   Machine Learning and Formal Concept Analysis.
   Sergei Kuznetsov (VINITI, Moscow, Russia)
   Reasoning in Description Logics.
   Franz Baader (Technische Universität Dresden)


   Chairs of the ICCL Summer School 2006 
      Bernhard Ganter
      Steffen Hölldobler
   Organizing Committee
      Julia Koppenhagen
      Bertram Fronhöfer

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