[loginf] ISAAC: Young Researcher Position at ITC-IRST, Trento

Marco Bozzano bozzano at irst.itc.it
Wed Jul 6 14:53:59 CEST 2005

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            Young Researcher Position available on the	

                        ISAAC Project 				
                 at ITC-IRST, Trento, Italy			

The Automated Reasoning Systems Division (SRA) at ITC-irst
(http://sra.itc.it/) is seeking a young researcher to join the team of
the ISAAC project. The position lasts up to January 2007 and is
already open. Monthly salaries vary depending on age, qualification,
and experience.

The ISAAC Project

The ISAAC project (AST3-CT-2003-501848, see http://www.cert.fr/isaac/)
-- Improvement of Safety Activities on Aeronautical Complex Systems --
is a Specific Targeted Research Project sponsored by the European
Commission under the 6th Framework Program. The ISAAC consortium
comprises aeronautical industries (Alenia Aeronautica, Airbus France,
Airbus UK, Airbus Germany, Saab AB, Societa' Italiana Avionica,
Dassault Aviation) and research centers leaders in formal
verification, safety assessment, and tool development (ITC-irst, ONERA
CERT, Kuratorium OFFIS e. V., Prover Technology AB).

The goal of the ISAAC project is to define a methodology, based on
formal methods, to improve the safety analysis practice for complex
systems development in the aeronautic field, to set up a shared
environment based on tools supporting the methodology, and to validate
the methodology through its application to case-studies. The ISAAC
project builds upon the results of the ESACS project

The role of ITC-irst in the project is manifold. ITC-irst is
developing the FSAP/NuSMV-SA safety analysis platform
(http://sra.itc.it/tools/FSAP/) to support the safety analysis of
complex systems. This platform is based on the following components:
FSAP (Formal Safety Analysis Platform), providing a graphical user
interface for easier user interaction, and NuSMV-SA, the core engine
providing the safety analysis capabilities, which are implemented on
top of the NuSMV model checker (http://nusmv.irst.itc.it). The
platform is being evaluated against some case-studies provided by the
industrial partners.

Description of Activity

The young researcher will be part of the ISAAC team at ITC-irst. The
activity will include, as main responsibility, the design and
implementation of new features in FSAP (Formal Safety Analysis
Platform), and the preparation of project deliverables and the
management of the FSAP/NuSMV-SA web site and the related
documentation. Further activities may include modeling of industrial
case-studies in the NuSMV language, and involvement in the
implementation of the safety analysis algorithms in NuSMV-SA.

Candidate Requirements

The ideal candidate should have a Master in Computer Science,
Engineering or related areas, very good programming skills, and be
able to work in a collaborative environment, with a strong commitment
to achieving assigned objectives and reaching research excellence.
The candidate is expected to be knowledgeable of:

   * Linux and Windows operating systems
   * Cygwin or MinGW platforms
   * C/C++ programming languages
   * XML language and parser (expat library)
   * standard SW maintenance and compilation tools (make, gcc,
     debugger, automake/autoconf tools)
   * FLTK library (http://www.fltk.org/)

Background and/or previous experiences in the areas of safety
analysis, formal verification and model checking, though not
mandatory, will be considered favourably.

Please send your applications via email to:

   isaac-recruit at itc.it

using 'ISAAC Researcher: application' as subject, and including a
statement of interest and a CV. PostScript, PDF, or plain text formats
are strongly encouraged.  Please use the above address also for
further inquiries.

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