[loginf] CfP KI'03 Workshop "Algebraic Models of Reasoning"

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"Algebraic Models of Reasoning"

A Workshop at the KI 2003, Hamburg, September 15th - 18th, 2003

Organizers: Helmar Gust, Kai-Uwe Kuehnberger, Claus Rollinger, Ute Schmid

In many areas of reasoning - such as analogical, inductive, case-based, or 
qualitative reasoning - rule-based/procedural approaches are dominating the 
field. Alternatively, algebraic approaches can be used. Such approaches focus 
on structural representations and provide a powerful and formally sound 
foundation for inference algorithms. Examples are the use of anti-unification 
in analogy and induction, coalgebraic models for analogical reasoning, and 
relational algebras for qualitative reasoning.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers from different areas 
of reasoning who develop and apply algebraic methods: existing formalisms 
shall be compared and evaluated, open problems shall be identified, transfer 
to other areas and application perspectives shall be discussed. Special focus 
will be on possible contributions of algebraic approaches to model cognitive 
aspects of reasoning. Some promising work in this direction exists in the 
domain of analogical reasoning.

Additionally to AI researchers working on algebraic methods, the workshop 
should be of interest to students and researchers interested in the subject 
fields named above and in relations between AI and cognition. An introductory 
talk will be presented giving an overview of the different approaches of 
algebraic methods intended to provide a common basis for the participants of 
this workshop. The workshop will be organized in cooperation with two special 
interest groups of the GI Fachbereich KI, namely the special interest groups 
"Knowledge Representation and Reasoning" and "Cognition".

We invite electronic submissions of papers (formats: PostScript, PDF). The 
papers should not exceed 10 A4, single-spaced Springer LNCS style pages. 
Accepted papers will be published in the Publications of the Institute of 
Cognitive Science, Osnabrueck (ISSN:1610-5389), on the workshop homepage, and 
on the workshop CD.

Submission must be sent electronically to: kkuehnbe at uos.de
Kai-Uwe Kuehnberger, Institute of Cognitive Science, University of Osnabrueck
Phone: +49-541-969-6228
Fax: +49-541-969-6210


Further information can be found on the Workshop homepage:
URL: http://www.cogsci.uni-osnabrueck.de/~ki03amr/

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