[loginf] Call for Papers: ICC'03

Jan Johannsen jjohanns at informatik.uni-muenchen.de
Tue Jan 21 10:59:44 CET 2003

        Fifth International Workshop on        
        26--27 June 2003,  Ottawa, Canada  

         Call for Papers 

The synergy between Logic and Computational Complexity has gained
importance and vigor in recent years.  In particular, there have
arisen several machine-independent approaches to computational
complexity based on notions borrowed primarily from mathematical
logic. Examples include descriptive complexity (finite model theory),
bounded arithmetic, set-existence principles, intrinsic theories,
linear logics, and algebras of functions. Collectively these
approaches might be termed Implicit Computational Complexity.  This
work provides a framework for a principled incorporation of
computational complexity into areas such as formal methods in software
development, the study of programming languages, and database theory.

The workshop's mission is to further the development of implicit
computational complexity and its applications. Topics of interest
    automatic complexity analysis of programs 
    complexity analysis for functional languages 
    complexity in database theory 
    complexity in formal methods 
    foundations of implicit computational complexity 
    higher-type computational complexity 
    machine-independent characterizations of complexity classes  
    logics closely related to complexity classes 
    software that applies ICC ideas 
    type systems for controlling complexity 

Submissions deadline is 28 March 2003.  For details see
http://www.cis.syr.edu/~royer/icc/ICC03/, the workshop webpage.

Contact Information
Anuj Dawar
University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory
William Gates Building
J.J. Thomson Avenue, Cambridge CB3 0FD, England.
Tel: +44 1223 334408 
Fax: +44 1223 334678
Email: Anuj.Dawar at cl.cam.ac.uk

The ICC Homepage: http://www.cis.syr.edu/~royer/icc/

Program Committee: M. Benedikt (Lisle), R. Benzinger (Berlin), S. Buss
   (San Diego), A. Dawar (Cambridge) (chair), M. Grohe (Edinburgh),
   J. Johannsen (Munich), N. Jones (Copenhagen), B. Kapron (Victoria),
   K-H. Niggl (Ilmenau), L. Ong (Oxford)

Invited Speakers: A. Atserias (Barcelona)
                  E. Graedel (Aachen)
                  A. Liu (Stony Brook)
                  H. Mairson (Boston)

Steering Committee: R. Constable (Ithaca), A. Dawar (Cambridge),
   F. Ferreira (Lisbon), M. Hoffmann (Munich), N. Jones (Copenhagen),
   D. Leivant (Bloomington), J-Y. Marion (Nancy), L. Ong (Oxford),
   J. Royer (Syracuse) (chair), H. Schwichtenberg (Munich).

Important Dates:
  Submissions Due:  28 Mar. 2003
  Notification:     9 May 2003
  Final Copies Due: 2 June 2003


  ICC'03 is supported in part by a generous grant by Le Centre de
  Recherches Mathematiques de l'Universite de Montreal.  ICC'03 is
  also sponsored by the Association for Symbolic Logic and a satellite
  workshop of LICS 2003.

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