[loginf] Symposium Oct 15-16: Man versus Machine -- Garry Kasparov, keynote

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      "Man versus Machine: the Experiment"
            October 15-16, 2002
        Caesarea Rothschild Institute 
            University of Haifa

      Garry Kasparov, Keynote Speaker

First Announcement

The Symposium "Man versus Machine: the Experiment" in the city of Haifa,
Israel immediately follows the forthcoming Jerusalem chess tournament
between Garry Kasparov and the world champion computer chess program Deep
Junior, authored by Amir Ban and Shay Bushinsky. The tournament opens a
new era in man-machine interaction and competition, and the symposium will
explore the fundamental issues of this interaction.

Topics:  Experts from Israel and abroad will lecture and lead discussions
on topics such as learning through playing games, artificial intelligence,
thinking and cognition, competition between man and machine and computer

The symposium is sponsored by the newly founded Caesarea Edmond Benjamin
de Rothschild Foundation Institute for Interdisciplinary Applications of
Computer Science (CRI) at the University of Haifa <www.cri.haifa.ac.il>.

Invited Speakers (to date):

    Monroe Newborn (McGill University, Montreal Canada)
        "Computer Chess: Historical Milestones and Future Objectives"
    Jonathan Schaeffer (University of Alberta, Canada)
        "The Games Computers (and People) Play"
    Sarit Kraus (Bar-Ilan University, Israel)
        "What is the Difference Between Diplomacy and Chess?"
    Jaap van den Herik (Universiteit Maastricht, Netherlands)
        "How to Model a Grandmaster's Intuition"
    Jean Louis Lassez (Coastal Carolina University, South Carolina, USA)
        "Asymptotic Behavior of Machine Learning Algorithms"
    Ken Thompson (Entrisphere, Inc., USA)
         "to be announced"       
    David Levy (London, UK)
       "Writing the Rules: Tournament Play Between Machine and Man"
    Shaul Markovitch (Technion, Israel)
       "Tutorial: How Computers Play Chess"

Keynote Speaker:  Garry Kasparov 

    Garry Kasparov will deliver the keynote address at the University of
Haifa at 14:30 on Oct. 15th, discussing his view of the Man versus Machine
Experiment and the sportive value of such competitions. Shay Bushinsky and
Amir Ban will give their reflections on the tournament games and the
science of computers playing opposite human experts.  A gala dinner is
planned for the evening of Oct.15th at which Mr. Kasparov will be awarded
the Caesarea Rothschild Institute Medal of Science. Sessions will resume
all day October 16th.

Program Committee: 
    Martin Golumbic, Shaul Markovitch, Morris Goldsmith, Alexander Guiora

REGISTRATION, Hotel Accommodation and Gala Dinner:
    Symposium registration is required (by email or FAX), see our website
<www.cri.haifa.ac.il> or use the form below. For telephone inquires, call
the Institute office at +972-4-824-9837 or +972-4-828-8339.

    Hotel information and reservations for the Gala Dinner at the Dan
Carmel Hotel in Haifa can be booked through the Institute. Overnight hotel
subsidies will be available for advanced graduate students upon
recommendation of their thesis advisor. (Apply to <libi at cs.haifa.ac.il>.

Tournament Information: 
    Visit the website <www.kasparov.com> for more on the Kasparov-Deep
Junior Tournament (Oct 1-13 in Jerusalem). Information on tournament
tickets and Jerusalem accommodations will be available from the Institute
or can be booked directly through the Tournament organizers.

Mailing list: To be placed on the Symposium mailing list for further
details, as they become available, and notices of the Institute's future
activities, send email to: <cri at cs.haifa.ac.il>.


     "Man versus Machine: the Experiment"
     October 15-16, 2002, University of Haifa

Please register at the website <www.cri.haifa.ac.il> by October 13, 2002,
or by email to <cri at cs.haifa.ac.il> or FAX: +972-4-828-8181. Since space
may be limited, entrance invitations to the keynote session will be
allocated according to date of registration.

Registration Fees: 
   Technical sessions: no charge, subject to advanced registration.
   Full participation: 300 NIS 
       -- including Gala Dinner Oct 15 Dan Carmel Hotel, 
       and Lunch Oct 16 Univ. of Haifa







Do you need hotel accommodations?

Will you attend the Gala Dinner Oct 15 at the Dan Carmel Hotel? 
(additional guests 250 shekels)

Will you attend the Lunch Oct 16 at the University? 
(additional guests 50 shekels)

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